The possible problems occurring with ‘’Hydroponics’’

Everything has two faces, pros and cons or limitation.

The followings are the important points the growers need to be aware.

1/ In the name of a grower, you have to think thoroughly at first. Then you have to use your invention in the installing system and pay high cost on equipment. So this system can result in your plant or vegetables’ product to have higher price, too. Then we select to grow plant which has higher price. The higher cost expenditure is to pay for nursery construction, nutrients, and equipment and its maintenance fee, as the hospital’s fee. At the beginning stage of investment, you may not be satisfied; you may not be satisfied with this system. But in the long term, you will be worthwhile in the long-term benefits or family scale.

2/ The system requires you to equip high technology. The growers have understanding about the technique chosen. In summary, the growers need to aware of nutrients for plant, water, plant physiology, establishing cycle, solution, and equipment management.

3/ There are some out of control opportunity to have plant-related disease which is difficult to control especially growing in the solution both in circulation and non-circulation. This incident results in due to the fact that our growers are short of awareness of water level in each stage of its growth.

For example:

  • From the first day to 10th  , the level of water in tubes have to be high.
  • The following days, the water level is lower than before.
  • Avoid the sunlight not enter the water in tubes-resulting in moss, plonton(ផ្លុងតុង) and nutrient quality reduction.

DSC08444If the disease appears to the root, it will spread so fast and difficult to protect or get rid of. The disease can be spread to the plant in Hydroponics system because the plant uses the same source of solution, disease will spread within the system fast through the solution.

Hopefully in advance that all above mentioned can be eliminated if you follow the steps of planting. Due to the fact that you grower have skill, technique, love and some training through other documents and trainers.

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