According to my own experience and real practice from day to day, I would like to claim that this system provides a lot of advantages to both growers and eaters as the followings:


1. The Hydroponics can be used to grow your vegetables in both dry and rainy seasons in a year, in short every time or season. After we harvest already, we can start to grow the next round immediately because we do not need to do soil breaking or nursery drying at all or soil exposure, cleansing of weed, and preparing for a new planting area. If we grow the same kind of vegetable for the repeated time, it will lead to soil deterioration and so on. But with Hydroponics system, we don’t care about these kinds of problems. The reason is that the food source does not come from the soil but the nutrient solution. In contrast, the method does not depend on any season due to the fact that grower can manage the circumstances. So we can grow the plants all throughout the year non-stop.

2. Our growers can grow the plants everywhere regardless of any area-deserts, mountains, rugged lands or on the rooftop for planting. Today, city and dwellers live in the civilized area and modern lifestyle which need high price. The majority of population living in the limited area such as commercial buildings, town house, condominium, or dormitory. These places have no space for growing any plant s although they wish to plant vegetables for the use of family scale or business. Excitingly, now we can grow vegetables anywhere and whenever we want, with the Hydroponics system. And we can do in any size of the system and put it on a small space such as the side of the window, footpath, roof-deck, or a small area at the back of the house.

3. We can grow plants in the area others never imagine. In general, we carefully select the soil for our growing because we concern about shortage of land fertility, desert soil, rugged area, mountain area, salted area, acidic area, drought area, or the irrigation-less area. Yet stop worrying about these major points. These can solve. Our growers can plant whatever in these kinds of areas with Hydroponics system; fortunately, we have no need to use soil as a food source. The plants have no problems of flooded water, no water losing due to deep absorption, non-recycled flowing, grabbing water with weed, over water quantity usage.

4. The planting with Hydroponics, the vegetables or plants grow fast and instantly, and provide satisfactory yield. With the traditional method, we can’t determine or manage the amount of sufficient nutrient with the plants’ requirement that results in a leaking some nutrients from each process both in the soil and in the air, or grabbing water with the unnecessary organism. Successfully, with Hydroponics system, we can control the nutrient quantity better than planting in the soil. We can check and limit the nutrient quantity matching the plants’ requirement. The plants take the inorganic nutrients on time, so they uptake nutrient adequately. In short, there is no phenomenon of grabbing nutrient with the weed, so your plants or vegetables can grow very fast and provide maximum yield. And when we consider the annual productivity issue, Hydroponics offers more productivity than the other way. The reason is that we can crop earlier, and can grow all over the year continuously not dependently on the season.

5. The system can provide the regular productivity, clean, and good quality of product due to we can control nutrient quantity which plant require, and we can control all of environmental factors. So we get the regular shape, color, and size products. And the product will not touch the soil, so they look clean, and be appetizing. So this kind of plating system is suitable for growing plants which come with regularity and quality such as export vegetable, substituted import vegetable, and vegetable for supermarket.

6. We can save more labor and time and then the conventional method due to the fact that we not need to prepare soil, pouring water, adding nutrient solution, cleaning weed. This system consists of few insects meaning that this system is no favorable to this kind of living thing at all, so we use less labor to take action against them. We can do easier in seed cultivation, transferred planting, preparing planting plot, and also crop harvesting so we use less labor.

7. Very few chemicals are used in this system in the reality that we can control the situation completely. Our growers are much easier to eliminate pests because we do not use soil for planting background. So we have no problem of infected diseases as we grow by soil system, or weed disturbance and interfere. All in all, we are able to cut down chemical use to minimum level.

Shortly, only when we follow ‘’Hydroponics’’, we can receive the healthy and chemical free vegetables all the time. As a bonus all the customers must be satisfied with the result we acquire.

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