The interesting guideline of Hydroponics

Agricultural system without soil

All the people around the world have been aware of the importance of the agriculture thoroughly because it provides a lot to all, especially for the survival. Yet today and past methods are quite different in planting. Why? The followings are the reasons:

  1. Yesterday, our growers depended entirely on the soil.
  2. Today, we do not need soil to plant anymore. We just need tubes or any kind of water container as the nursery and nutrient solution.

The second way of planting is called ‘Hydroponics’.

Why do we need to use Hydroponics?

We have introduced you to do so because of the area size, shortage area, improper physical area such as slope area, too hot or too cold climate, or less rain fall amount or in desert regions, or cold countries. The soil-less system of planting is a type of growing which soil is not used but nutrient in solution form directly. We only use growing tubes or any type of water containers instead of sol. It equipment has to be ideal for vegetable’s growth. Usually, the growers inert the substances and do not supplement any chemical to the plants. With this method, nutrients are provided to the plants. The nutrients, in general, contain necessary substances for each plant and in the acceptable level that plant can take immediately. Apart from this, we have to check regularly the acidic level and the basic value in the suitable level. The growers are worried about the management of all the factors connected with the plants’ growth in order to allow all the elements in the most appropriately. And all in that, the method will gain the maximum yield with the proper environment all the time and forever.


From generation to generation, the human society has developed, and so does agriculture. But we had used ‘Soil system’; today our scientists have invented new technique for planting the plants and vegetable.

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